Saturday, July 5, 2014

UFC MMA gloves for women only

Ladies tired of looking all over the web for that perfect fitting MMA glove? Most companies claim to carry women line on their site and when you click the link you only come up with guys stuff or the will call it unisex to sell to you. Fighter girls only caters to women and with over 400 products for sale it is the largest MMA store for women. This makes shopping fun knowing that these products will fit perfect and not something you purchase and have to return because the gloves are way too big! Fighter girls brand has been producing great clothing and gear since 2003 so come by and read the reviews our customers posted. Fighter girls store carries over 16 colors to choose from in our MMA gloves so come check out these really cute but tough gloves great for MMA or body combat so ladies train hard and look awesome

The best CrossFit shorts for women

Shop the biggest and best CrossFit shorts for women Fighter girls brand for women only will be the perfect short for that next class. Cut for women and manufactured in the USA for the best quality and fit for theses ladies that need a short to keep up with those tough classes. Made from a 2 way stretch fabric that will contour to your body but not restrict your movement. Looking good is the best part of working out so Fighter girls brand makes some really cute and stylish shorts. Come by and see the Fighter girls brand and be part of the Fighter girls family! Come by the Fighter girls store to see a huge selection of board shorts for women! I promise once you see,feel and try on these shorts you will love the quality and comfort of a real short

Body combat shorts for women

Hi Ladies tired of shopping for some shorts to wear to your body combat class and only finding men's unisex shorts? Fighter girls only manufactures clothing and gear for women so no worries when you shop our store all products are for women. Toss those guys shorts out ladies look great and feel great in a pair of shorts made for women. I would say that most of us ladies would laugh if a guy came to class wearing a pair of womens shorts right? Well, women are shaped different from guys with hips and not a baggy crotch area haha! These shorts are made from the best material we could find and manufactured here in the USA for quality and comfort! Come by Fighter girls and see a great selection of some really cute shorts for that next body combat class. So come on by and see the best shorts for body combat ladies! Made by women for women!

wake board shorts for women

Shop the biggest and best wake boarding shorts for women these really cute and comfortable shorts will be your favorite pair. Made for women only and not unisex here in the USA make these shorts the perfect fit. Fighter girls has added a velcro closure so you won't have to worry about the shorts falling down or getting loose in the water. When it comes to manufacturing really cute high quality shorts Fighter girls brand knows what it takes. I dare you to take the challenge and try a pair of these shorts on your next wake boarding event. Come by and see the best wake boarding shorts for women with many different styles to choose from and be ready for everyone to ask where you purchased these awesome shorts. The perfect swim short on the market made tough to handle the toughest conditions so if you want a great looking short this summer ladies come by the Fighter girls store

Friday, July 4, 2014

Swim shorts for women Fighter girls brand

Hi Ladies, Summer is finally here and are you ready for all that summer fun? Looking for some really cute shorts for swim, wake boarding, paddle boarding, or any other fun stuff that you love to do. Fighter girls high quality board shorts are the perfect fit in shorts from great styles to a perfect fit. Come by and see the best swim shorts in the world

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MMA clothing and gear just for women

Looking great in a male dominated sport can be tough but Fighter girls store has over 400 products for sale with big brand names to keep you ladies fighting and training. You no longer have to wear men’s shorts and gloves to train in we are women with different curves and sizes so why settle for clothing and gear that are designed and made for men? Fighter girls logo is made by women for women and who knows more about the women’s body but women! Come by and take a look at the awesome clothing that Fighter girls have to offer!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MMA clothes for women Australia

MMA is growing in Australia and we want our women fighters to know that we do ship to Australia. Fighter girls has been producing women MMA clothing and training gear since 2001 here in the USA for the best quality fight gear that the MMA industry can offer. Come by our on line store to see over 400 products just for women. Look great while you train! We carry a great selectin of boardies,MMA gloves and traing tops