Monday, April 11, 2011

Mat guard at Fighter girls

Product Description

MATGUARD® BODY CLEANSE is an all over body spray that leaves your body clean after athletic activity. Specially formulated for use when you can't get to a shower....
Our BODY CLEANSE comes in three sensuous scents that will attract the opposite sex while keeping your body fresh. (MANGO & RASPBERRY).
MATGUARD® BODY CLEANSE has skin softening moisturizers that won't dry your body.
Our products are non-oily, non sticky and won't leave a sticky gel residue.
Work Out, Go Out- Stay Clean
MATGUARD® BODY CLEANSE antiseptic sprays contain special ingredients that kill 99.9% of the germs, bacteria and nasty stuff that people involved in athletic activities are prone to...while leaving you clean all over and smelling awesome.
MATGUARD® BODY CLEANSE is ideal for on the go athletes who may not have time to shower, but want to stay clean and germ free....

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