Saturday, April 9, 2011

women's small mma gloves

March 12, 2011
When it comes to women’s mma there is only one line that has it all Fighter girls. This company and CEO Debi Purcell knows the sport and what it takes to have the right gear to succeed. Debi Purcell has been a pro fighter and a pioneer in this sport. Although not currently fighting but putting her time in designing the right product for those getting in the sport to pro fighters around the world.  These mma gloves are designed for women and made by women so the fit is perfect.  The men’s mma gloves are just too big and risk the chances of hurting your hands.

Product Description

Fighter Girls MMA gloves are made with the finest quality soft and durable baby pink leather, sized to fit female hands perfectly. The design is very similar to the original UFC gloves and is fingerless with no thumb area. The gloves also have velcro wrist closure. These gloves have been tried and proven to be the BEST female MMA gloves in the world.
Ms Debi Purcell has personally tried every MMA glove on the planet and made this gloves because she feels it is the ABSOLUTE best fitting and effective glove made for the smaller hands of women.
Available in size Small not only are these gloves the perfect fit but they are absolutely adorable in white, they also have the Alpha Female gray and black heart logo. Across the fingers are the letters F-I-G-H-T-E-R to look like a tattoo.  They will easily become your favorite MMA glove.

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