Saturday, April 9, 2011

Women’s sportswear made in USA

I did get the pleasure to ask Debi Purcell about her new line strength by Debi Purcell.  Debi is the current CEO of the line Fighter girls and now started her new line and I must say it is more than expected.  Debi takes her production as serious as her name and she won’t stop or give till the quality is there. In her own words it has my name on it just like Fighter girls is associated to me. I will cut no corners and will only use the best fabric and the best cut and sew for my line. Oh yes has to be made in USA.  Fighter girls is an Irvine California based company and has been around for 10 years.
The Debi Purcell line and also Fightergirls is a line that will never be in wall mart or places you are looking for a low budget line. Women sometimes save for months to buy a pair of board shorts or a Capri to to know or to own a piece of this desired product line but the quality is second to none. I have talked to some women and have read about the short being used 8 years ago to this day.  Debi pulled out a pair of boxing gloves she has owned for 12 years a pair of Cleto Reyes that she said I paid good money for these but look I am still using them. It made me think  do we save money by buying a cheap pair that will be good for a year or buckle down and pay more for quality?  I really feel that money sometimes is tight but 12 years and still punching hard with those gloves makes me want to pay more for quality.
While at the fightergirls warehouse I was looking at piles of clothes in boxes so I asked are these for sale also? Debi said no those I give away because the cut, print, or it just didn’t look good after manufacturing so they did not get the seal of approval by Debi  and won’t be sold period! We don’t sell a bad product and must pass my tests and trust me they are tough!  I will never put my name on a cheap crappy product no matter how much you offer me.
I came to the conclusion at the end of my tour at Fightergirls that the clothing line by Debi Purcell is tough just like her and she will not settle for anything less. Anyone that knows Debi knows that her new line name Strength is well fitted for her.

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