Friday, April 19, 2013

Paddle board shorts for women

Women paddle boarding has exploded worldwide its fun and a great work out. I have always loved the ocean and grew up here in Orange county CA and a big ocean in my back yard to scuba dive surf and all those fun water sports that my life can offer. Now with paddle boarding you are not limited to just the ocean this sport can be just as fun on lakes, rivers, and even a small stream you just need a little water to make this sport happen. has a great selection of board shorts for women that will make you look great while paddle boarding. These boardies are made tough for the abuse the sun, water and washing have on most shorts. Come by and check out the really cute and sexy board short line for women we offer really cute and sexy paddle board shorts for women with a huge selection and colors to choose from these boardies will be a hit as your favorite swim wear Come by and see all the great shorts by Fighter girls and see why these USA made shorts are the best

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