Saturday, July 5, 2014

Body combat shorts for women

Hi Ladies tired of shopping for some shorts to wear to your body combat class and only finding men's unisex shorts? Fighter girls only manufactures clothing and gear for women so no worries when you shop our store all products are for women. Toss those guys shorts out ladies look great and feel great in a pair of shorts made for women. I would say that most of us ladies would laugh if a guy came to class wearing a pair of womens shorts right? Well, women are shaped different from guys with hips and not a baggy crotch area haha! These shorts are made from the best material we could find and manufactured here in the USA for quality and comfort! Come by Fighter girls and see a great selection of some really cute shorts for that next body combat class. So come on by and see the best shorts for body combat ladies! Made by women for women!

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