Friday, April 19, 2013

MMA gloves for women that fit

For years in the mixed martial arts it has been a guy sport so in 2001 Fighter girls decided to make MMA clothing and gloves for the women who want to be involved in the sport without having to wear men clothing and gloves.
Fighter girls designed and manufacture a MMA glove that is the perfect fit for women hands. Trust me when I tell you that wearing a loose fitting glove is bad and you risk an injury you don’t need! and yes your hands are an important part of your body!

These gloves are manufactured with soft durable leather so the mma glove will need to break in and form to your hands maybe 2 weeks of punching. Fighter girls carries over 400 products for women in the on line store so ladies whatever sport you like we will have the best products and many color MMA gloves to choose from
  Women Martial art glove purpleWomen Martial art glove black

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