Friday, April 19, 2013

Swimwear board shorts for women boardies

Ladies looking for some fun swim wear for the summer? Time is almost here for those days at the beach and river I can hardly wait. Fighter girls has been manufacturing great swim wear since 2001 for the women who love a quality and short that will make you look amazing to all the guys and girls.

How do Fighter girls do this with a low rise short made for women by women so that the fit is perfect? Made with a high quality 2 way stretch polyester fabric that will form to your body without the restriction like other shorts we also have constructed a Velcro zipper and latch to prevent the shorts from falling off or showing that plumber crack haha.

As you know and I have experienced the water always make the draw cord loose and you have to keep re-tightening all the time! Well, no more the shorts have a Velcro latch that prevents the shorts from falling down even when wet. Fighter girls carries many different styles and colors of the made in America board short from the short board short to the long you won’t go wrong with either style. Make Fighter girls brand board shorts a try and see how much you can love a board short made just for women
  Swimwear board shorts for women boardiesSwimwear board shorts for women boardiesSwimwear board shorts for women boardies

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